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New Pioneer 2004

Bob & Diane Greenlee

Diane and Bob Greenlee believe in giving back to the communities where they have lived and gained through education and business. This has benefited Iowa State University and the University of Colorado, as well as Boulder, Denver and even Cortez, Colorado.

Believing that education is vital to the future of our state and nation, in 1990 the Greenlees became interested in a program which began in the East. It was called “I Have a Dream”. They brought the program founder to Boulder to speak and then provided the scholarship funds for the first class adopted by the program. Classes with youngsters who might otherwise have problems keeping up in school or wouldn't be able to consider a college education are “adopted”, provided with mentors and other assistance, and if they graduate from high school and wish to go to college, their schooling will be funded.

Two classes have graduated 36 students, double the expected graduation rate. In the Greenlees' class, 80 percent went on to college or vocational school. Six more classes have been adopted in Boulder County and the Greenlees continue to serve on the Foundation's Board in an advisory capacity. Lori Canova, in her eighth year as director of “I Have A Dream”, says the Greenlees wanted the community to be involved when they founded the program and “they have continued to be advocates for the program, thus it has grown where other communities had only one class and the program died.”

Bob Greenlee is president of Centennial Investment & Management Co. Inc., a Boulder-based private real estate and venture capital investment firm. Diane Greenlee is vice president. She also serves as president of the Greenlee Family Foundation, a small Colorado based philanthropic organization dedicated to assist and fund educational and health related non profit organizations in Colorado.

Bob has served as a member of Boulder's city council since 1982 also served as Boulder Mayor. He holds a master's degree in journalism and mass communications from Iowa State University and a bachelor's in radio and television. Diane has a bachelor's degree in telecommunicative Arts from Iowa State and in 1993 was awarded a master's degree in art history from CU-Boulder.

In 1975, the Greenlees purchased a daytime AM radio station in Boulder and two years later, a FM station, building the station into one of the top rated stations in the Denver radio market. They sold KBCO AM & FM in 1989 and began new careers developing brewpubs, restaurants, a microbrewery, casino and other radio stations.

They have established scholarships at CU and Iowa State including funding to initiate the Greenlee School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Iowa State. Diane served as president of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, served on Boulder County's Private Industry Council and participated in the Leadership Boulder program. She is a member of the Colorado Women's Forum and is an honorary trustee of the Women's Foundation of Colorado.

Bob has been on the board of directors of the Boulder Chamber, United Way and Junior Achievement and is currently a member of the board of Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez. He also served as the first chairman of the six-county Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, is a member of the Big Horn Action Center's board and was appointed by Governor Owens to the board of the Caring for Colorado Foundation.


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